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Overhead Heating - Infrared Heater Equipment

Ed Guinee & Associates, Inc. has energy saving heating solutions for large and small buildings and warehouses throughout California. We specialize in infrared overhead heating as well as vehicle exhaust fume and dust extraction systems and custom engineered systems. We have over 30 years experience in providing energy saving and comfortable heating solutions all over the state of California, and we would like the opportunity to share this experience with you.

We are the California representatives for ROBERTS GORDON® gas-fired infrared heating products as well as other gas and electric overhead heating products (See Line Card.) These overhead heaters are ideal for "hard to heat" areas such as warehouses and other high bay applications as well as greenhouses. We provide building analysis, heat loss calculations, layout and design help, conceptual drawings to final details drawings, along with on-site support from the beginning of installation, during installation, thru start-up and training. We work closely with mechanical engineers throughout the state and provide training and Lunch and Learn seminars.


ROBERTS GORDON heating equipment


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Featured Overhead Heating Product

  VANTAGE® Modulating System

Fuel-efficient operation with fully automatic or manual control of burner modulation.

Efficient and optimum combustion throughout the full range of burner inputs ensured by pre-programmed burner controls.

System information and ease of service provided by comprehensive on-board diagnostics for fault and system status.

Burner box design with protective enclosure for controls helps minimize exposure to dirt and moisture from combustion air.

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